In your home

OGarden Smart, which comes in white or black is a beautiful indoor garden that can fit everywhere in your home. From the living room to the kitchen, from your basement to your closet, it only needs a regular electrical outlet and the temperature to be between 16 and 26 degrees celcius. Put it next to your kitchen to have your garden at your finger tips to cook amazing fresh and organic meals. Just relax and watch your garden grow.

In Condos or Appartments

OGarden Smart is the best indoor garden for condos and appartments, because it doesn't need to be outside or in the sun. OGarden Smart can fit anywhere in your home. Get fresh food, a beautiful garden and eat organic vegetables and herbs that you grow yourself. 

In Institutions, Youth Clubs and School Care Services

OGarden Smart is the right indoor garden for teaching. Bring life into your class and teach students where food comes from and how it's grown. By having the OGarden Smart in class, it makes your students aware how plants grow and how to take care of them. Contact us for institution pricing.

In Restaurants or Caterering Services

OGarden Smart may be a very good idea in your restaurant. You can have fresh organic herbs on hand to serve with your meals. Make your dishes authentic and tasty. Add some to your tomato sauces or on your meat, or make a delicious salad. There is a variety of things you can cook with the OGarden Smart. Use your imagination.

In Coffee Shops

Why not have one in your coffee shop? You can use it to add the finishing touch to your tisane or coffee. OGarden Smart is the indoor garden that can fit anywhere you want in your coffee shop and your clients will be impressed by the beauty of it and it's taste.

In Retirement Homes

OGarden Smart can fit almost anywhere, so why not have one in your retirement home. Owner or resident, you can enjoy cultivating your vegetables and herbs in your appartment or place it in the living area of your building. Your residents will enjoy watching plants grow all year round.

In Your Office

Change the atmosphere in the office with the OGarden Smart. It will help you to relax and freshen the air and at the same time grow vegetables and herbs. Place it in the office or in the employee kitchen to accentuate creativity and happiness.

In Yoga and Health Centers

OGarden Smart will be great for your yoga or health center. It is beautiful and relaxing to watch and your clients will be inspired by the fresh smells of the herbs and they can add some to their tisanes. Your clients will enjoy this unique experience.