This is the OGarden Smart.

The OGarden has been designed to simplify urban agriculture at home as much as possible.

Compact and fully automated, the OGarden allows you to grow up to 90 vegetables at the same time throughout the year. Growing your vegetables will be a pleasure with the OGarden Smart, an independent vegetable garden designed for your living room.


OGarden Smart, a garden designed for your living room


the pleasure of cultivating at home


fresh vegetables daily


a device with exceptional design

Easy to use

The OGarden Smart is fully automatic

Diversity and flavors

More than 20 types of organic seeds

Brevet en instance, no. 62/636,415


98% less polluting than a conventional agriculture


No noise, no smell and no moisture

Grow in 3 easy steps


Put the seed cups in the cabinet and press start



Three weeks later, transfer the plants to the wheel.



Put the roots in composting and start again.


Choose your seeds

Basil Genovese – Organic

$ 2,99 + taxes

Dill – Organic

$ 2,99 + taxes

Cherry Tomatoes – Organic

$ 2,99 + taxes

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