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Terms and conditions

The following text contains the list of conditions of use governing the use of the site www.ogarden.org
Please read this text carefully as by using the site you agree to these terms.
Please check this page frequently as Manufacture OGarden Inc. may change or modify the Terms of Use at any time.


Any material presented on the www.ogarden.org website, whether text, video, audio, or any other form of material is subject to proprietary rights such as copyright, trademarks and other proprietary rights. This material is the property of their own owners. All these rights are expressly reserved. Reproducing, copying, manipulating, or using this information without the prior written consent of the legal owner of such material may result in civil or criminal prosecution.

Personal use

www.ogarden.org is for personal use only and non-commercial use. We would like to inform you that the use of any material or information from our site for non-personal use could be considered illegal, and thus lead to criminal or civil prosecution.


Manufacture OGarden Inc. can not be held responsible for material that you consider offensive, indecent or offensive. Despite our many efforts, missing information and errors can occur.

Errors and missing information

Manufacture OGarden Inc. can not guarantee that its site will be completely free of errors and misinformation. In the event of an error or any other matter relating to the content, Manufacture OGarden Inc. reserves the right to correct this error without prior notice. Manufacture OGarden Inc. also reserves the right to cancel any order that has been made under the pretext of such an error. In the event that an order is canceled but paid, the user will receive a full refund from the company.

Customer Comments

Please note that all customer information given to Manufacture OGarden Inc. (www.ogarden.org) is considered the property of Manufacture OGarden Inc. This includes all customer communications, testimonials and contact information. By distributing this information to Manufacture OGarden Inc., you give Manufacture OGarden Inc. the non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, and unlimited right to reproduce, modify, publish, translate and distribute this material in any manner deemed appropriate. appropriately by the management of Manufacture OGarden Inc.

Purchase, use of products and payment


Taxes will be calculated based on the laws of the jurisdiction to which the products will be shipped.

Purchase by minors

To purchase products on www.ogarden.org you must be of legal age of majority as indicated by the law of the jurisdiction in which you reside.

Payment Agreement

By purchasing a product from Manufacture OGarden Inc., you agree to pay all costs related to the product purchased.

Purchase (restrictions)

Manufacture OGarden Inc. reserves the right to limit the quantities of products. Manufacture OGarden Inc. also reserves the right to remove products from its website, cancel orders or prohibit access to certain pages at any time.

Use of products

Manufacture OGarden Inc. can not be held responsible for damages caused by misuse of one of its products. Therefore, it is the sole responsibility of the customer to read all the product instructions carefully, to use the product for the sole purpose for which it was designed and to ensure that the product is used safely and securely. .

Manufacture OGarden Inc. can not be held responsible for damages resulting from an allergic reaction, or following any unforeseen event.

Operation of the website


Manufacture OGarden Inc. or any affiliated party is not liable for any damages, whether in contract, warranty, tort (including passive negligence), product liability, strict liability or other theory, that may result the use of our website.

Service Availability

Please note that services provided by Manufacture OGarden Inc. are available as is and subject to availability only. Manufacture OGarden Inc. is not responsible for any loss, direct or indirect, exceeding the price of the goods purchased.

Outbound links

OGarden Manufacturing Inc. may link to websites that are outside the control of the company. A link should in no way be considered an endorsement by Manufacture OGarden Inc. Manufacture OGarden Inc. can not be held responsible for any damage that may occur as a result of a visit to a page via an outgoing link.

Illegal use

It is illegal to use Manufacture OGarden Inc. for illegal or destructive purposes. It also includes attempting to damage, disable, overburden or otherwise compromise the www.ogarden.org website.
Accessing or attempting to access information made available to you unintentionally is illegal and may result in civil or criminal prosecution.

Rights and responsibilities of users


Falsifying your identity by using www.ogarden.org will be considered a violation of our terms of service. This may result in a total, permanent and irrevocable eviction of the website, and more civil or criminal prosecution.


As a user of OGARDEN.org, you are responsible for the monetary charges resulting from your use of the site. These fees include any claim, cause of action, claim, including but not limited to, legal, accounting and any other fees that result from the use of the site.

Right to “Termination”

You must agree to these terms of service in order to use the www.ogarden.org website. If you can not or decide that you do not agree with the Terms of Service on this page, you will not be allowed to use this site. site and you will need to leave www.ogarden.org immediately.



If a conflict occurs between a previous, present or future agreement and the terms of service, the terms of service will have priority unless clauses are clearly stated in the previous agreement. These terms of use with our Privacy Policy reflect a legally binding agreement between the user and Manufacture OGarden Inc. This Agreement supersedes any prior verbal and / or written agreement between the user and Manufacture OGarden Inc.


In the event that one or more of Manufacture OGarden Inc.’s terms of service provisions are deemed unenforceable, the remaining provisions will continue to be in place and enforced to the fullest extent of the law.

Applicable Laws


These terms of service and use of the www.ogarden.org website must be governed solely by the laws of the Province of Quebec and Canada.
The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods does not apply to the use of the site www.ogarden.org

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our terms of service.
Contact: https://ogarden.org/nous-joindre/


Guarantee If you are not completely satisfied with the purchase of one of our products, you can return it to us in its original packaging within 30 days of the date of purchase. We will then refund you in full.

Warranties of Performance and speed of use of OGarden
Since the factors affecting the performance and speed of use of the OGarden depend on a multitude of factors that must be managed by the user, no guarantee of performance or speed of use can be made. The quantity of plants and their size, condition and nutritional value can vary greatly depending on the care they receive and the quality of the place in which they are grown. The time required to learn how to use the OGarden, the speed of learning of each, the experience, the know-how, the physical condition and the personal rhythm of each one will make vary the time necessary for the production of plants as well as the yield general of the device.

Content of your order
Depending on the country where you wish to receive your OGarden, it is possible that certain components need to be removed from the customs box and national legislation. It could be a question, but not limited to: seeds, soil, peat pellets, etc. This situation would be discussed with you if necessary and a precise agreement would be clearly specified before shipment to your complete satisfaction.

Patent protection of OGarden
OGarden is protected by an international patent of the International Patent Office. Its patent number is: no 62/636,415

OGarden Savings Guarantees
Savings projections that can be made in relation to the use of an OGarden can vary with many factors. These indications are provided to provide insights into what some people may get in certain situations and should not be considered necessarily applicable to everyone’s situation, nor as an average of the savings to be glimpsed. These projected savings may be greater than what your experience will allow you to achieve.