7 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) | OGarden

For questions about using your OGarden, we invite you to check out the video tutorials here.

Is the OGarden ecological?

The OGarden is incredibly eco-friendly. At the very point that it is very difficult to even measure it! Why? Simply because the use of an OGarden annihilates at one stroke the entire chain of mass production of vegetables, transport and packaging logistics, soil erosion problems and pesticides. Until the opportunity to replant trees in the fields to purify the air. That’s why every vegetable that grows in the OGarden has a huge positive effect on the ecology!

Do I really make savings with an OGarden?

It’s obvious that even if you’re not a big vegetable consumer, you’ll save money with an OGarden. Just calculate that an organic leafy vegetable costs about $ 2. Here it costs you less than $ 0.50. So, if you eat for example 40 vegetables a month, it will only cost you $ 20 instead of $ 80, so you save $ 60 a month. Legal note: the above figures are fictitious and only as an example. Each person should make their own estimates based on their lifestyle and habits.

How will I receive my OGarden?

You will receive your OGarden by mail, by a delivery company or you will pick it up directly at a point of sale. In any case, it will be delivered in a box with a simple explanation manual to mount it.

What are the delivery times and in which countries can I get it?

Check the online store for exact times, which depend on various external factors. Currently, the OGarden is delivered to the following locations: Europe, United States and Canada.

Is the OGarden noisy or gives off odors or moisture?

The OGarden is very quiet, does not smell, and the moisture released by the plants is very low, which does not really make a difference in a room.

How does the OGarden work? How do plants grow?

The plants start their growth in the furniture, in a cup of seeds (certified organic and biodegradable) which is in a tray, under a LED lamp. When the vegetables are large enough (see explanation manual), just take the cups of seeds and put them in one of the growing tanks that are in the wheel. The wheel rotates slowly and the center lamp turns on and off automatically to respect the plant cycle. Watering is also automatic. When the vegetable is ready for harvest, it is picked and the cup of seed can be put into the compost. With your OGarden, you will receive an explanatory manual and videos. We advise you to put cups of seeds regularly in the furniture to have a good roll of harvest / plantation.

What can be grown in an OGarden?

There are more than twenty varieties of edible plants that we offer. We invite you to visit the seed section for details. However, you are quite free to try other vegetables too!

What are the substrate and the fertilizer in which the plants grow?

The substrate we recommend is composed of two elements:

The substrate we recommend is composed of two elements:

Certified organic seed cups. They are made from peat moss harvested in carefully selected peat bogs, which are subject to strict internal and governmental control. Peat is harvested from sources where the rate of regeneration is greater than the harvest rate, thus the ecosystem is not affected.
This seed cup also has a slow-release organic fertilizer, so the plant has everything it needs to mature.

Can I get seed, fertilizer and substrate elsewhere?

We recommend using OGarden seed cups, however you are free to use other types of substrates.

Is there a difference for vegetables to grow in the light of the lamp rather than the sun?
Currently, it is very difficult to detect a difference between a vegetable that has grown in the sun and one that has grown in an OGarden. Both nutritionally and tastefully, it’s similar. However, our knowledge does not allow us to have a definitive opinion on the subject.
Should it be cleaned often, how should I take care of an OGarden?

Apart from the time allowed for growing plants, there is no other maintenance to do. You can rinse the growing tanks every time you remove the seed cups, that’s it!

What is the life of the lamp?

La lampe a une durée de vie de 50 000 heures, donc à 16 h par jour c’est environ 8 ans.

What is the size and weight of an OGarden?

The mounted OGarden measures 29 inches. / 73.66 cm. wide, for 53 inches. / 134.60 cm. high and 15 inches. / 38.1 cm. deep. For weight, an empty OGarden weighs approx. 40 lbs. / 18.14 kg. Vegetables will greatly influence his weight, which can go up to 90 lbs. / 40.82 kg. (totally full, 60 mature vegetables plus those growing).

What is its power consumption?

The OGarden consumes 120 W in total, when the lamps are on, and 10 W when they are switched off (automatic lamp ignition system).

Where should I put my OGarden? What temperature can he tolerate?

The OGarden is an indoor unit, designed to be in a residential home. It is not recommended to put it outside. Vegetables grow between 16 and 26 degrees Celsius. You can put it near a window, in the living room, in a closet or in a garage. The important thing is to respect the temperature for the plants.

Does the OGarden produce all year round?

Yes! With an OGarden, you can grow vegetables 365 days a year.

Is the OGarden patented?

The OGarden has 2 patents pending, which guarantees a patent in 144 countries. Here is one of the two patents pending: Patent pending No. 62 / 636,415

Are the vegetables certified organic?

No, we can not obtain organic certification, since it is the producer, therefore you, who must ask for it. However, since it is you who are going to grow your vegetables, you should not have any doubt about the provenance! We provide you with certified organic seed, fertilizer and substrate.

Can I become a dealer of OGarden?
Yes, absolutely, for that, contact us directly and we will have the pleasure to discuss it with you!

You have not found an answer to your question?

No problem ! Contact us directly and we will be happy to answer you!

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