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What is a OGarden Smart?

OGarden Smart is the futuristic indoor gardening available now! Growing your own fresh organic food will allow you to eat healthy without pesticides and herbicides. The OGarden Smart is a practical and innovative product that will give you the possibility to grow your vegetables all year round. 

OGarden Smart Quick Overview

How Can I Grow My Food In 3 Simple Steps


This is the beginning of life. You select the seeds and place them in the culture cups. Then fill the water tank and you press start. That's it!


At this point, your plants have grown for 3-5 weeks depending on the seeds that you chose. Some will need longer time than others.  Then transfer the cups into the boxes and place them in the wheel. Then you press Start.

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After your plants reach maturity It is now time to harvest  the fruit of your labor and keep doing the circle of planting, grow and harvest. Just refill the water tank when needed! Easy, simple and delicious!

OGarden Smart - Bi-weekly payment (8 instalments) OGarden Smart - The indoor garden of tomorrow

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OGarden Smart

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How It Works

90 plants

With this unique design, you can grow up to 90 plants at the same time. All that in a very small space using low LED energy.


 This is where you start your plants. It allows space for 30 cups at same time.

How It Works Know More

Automatic Water System

With the OGarden Smart you just have to add water in the water tank and fill it when needed. The program inside waters your plants automatically

Innovation In Home

OGarden Smart

This is a specially designed indoor garden that will give your home, school, residence, restaurant or business a touch of green and fresh delicious organic vegetables 365 days a year. 



Wow it's magic! Thanks to all the team, I love my Ogarden.

Maxime Dumont

WoW !!! Quite simply, I love it !!!

Cindy Breton

This machine is really the coolest in the world. I really love it!
The service is super good! The refill capsules are really economical.

Elvis Morin

I harvested cherry tomatoes and I have about 20 peppers in production! In the morning with the children  I made eggs with fresh herbs from My OGarden! Really a beautiful experience. It's good to have green in the house and especially when it's -1000 degrees outside! and it's really fresh and tasty!

Bryan V.

I just love it! great invention !!! the machine works great, thanks OGarden

Emmanuelle Benabou

We have been using OGarden for several months now and that has changed the way we eat our vegetables. We eat a lot more greenery since our OGarden. We now know where our vegetables come from and we have the satisfaction of eating healthy products. They do not come from China or Mexico ... The best is to arrive in mid-January and to be able to benefit each time from a session of light therapy, it's good for the morale. Another amazing thing is to prepare your own pesto with fresh basil or make a good salad with OGarden vegetables in the middle of the winter season. Vegetables are so much tastier ... it's not comparable to those found at the grocery store. Finally, see my son run to the Olympic Garden and get home to see if the vegetables have grown leaves me speechless. In short, the OGarden to change our life, it guarantees us a better quality of life and allows us to create good habits of life.

Audréanne T. (Québec)

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OGarden Smart - Bi-weekly payment (8 instalments) OGarden Smart - The indoor garden of tomorrow

Brand new

OGarden Smart

Bring Life Into Your Home and Eat Fresh and Healthy.